We’re starting to offer end of tenancy cleaning as well

We're starting to offer end of tenancy cleaning as well!

After working so long in the after builders, oven and carpet cleaning I finally decided to go ahead and start trying a couple of other different services for a change. There have been lots of suggestions from our whole crew, but the one that I personally think will be most profitable for the whole company is by far end of tenancy cleaning. Plenty of things are making me think this way because the people that I've talked to and most of my customers have actually asked me plenty of things about this service. I have heard lots of people complaining about their end of tenancy cleaning companies. Thus making me decide that I should start offering this service as well as the rest of the services that our company already offers and hoping that we'll make our customers happy unlike the other companies we've talked about so far. Considering what I've heard about cleaners from all over London, I don't really believe that this should be such a hard thing to achieve, but no one knows before you start. I have actually done a couple of these jobs for friends of mine, but didn't really have a thorough list to use. I did use the end of tenancy cleaning list of Royal Cleaning though and I believe that it should be good enough. As it is a company of a friend of mine I doubt it that he'll have anything against me using his check list to help improve my company's standards and after I carefully reviewed it I think that it would be easy to get it done too. In reality end of tenancy cleaning is not a hard job but it does require some special skills, fast hands, efforts from the cleaners and a really good vacuum cleaning machine. I have already equipped two vans with said equipment and I'm hoping that it won't take long before we start having end of tenancy cleaning jobs rolling in. I have my tech website guy working 24/7 to ensure that our company website is looking good and although there are a couple of quirks to handle still I'm definitely an optimist about it. We've had lots of requests for oven cleaning lately and this is great, but I'm surely going to love it if we start having tons of end of tenancies as well because they are highly paid and overall mean that you'd have your teams busy throughout the day, which is what I'm aiming for.

For anyone who might want to take a look at our end of tenancy checklist I've put it here for reference and if you've stumbled upon his website in any way I'll surely like to get your thoughts about this

end of tenancy cleaning checklist

end of tenancy checklist

Hopefully this would be the start of a wonderful Summer and although I have a couple of doubts about our pricing and whether or not they are going to be good enough to make us profits, we'll take it as it is and just go with the flow to see what happens. Things regarding the proper use of our equipment are not even going to be talked about because we are a cleaning company with lots of experience and without a doubt we can manage the use of our equipment the right way.

In fact I've not stumbled on a cleaner who has more knowledge than me and I'm probably one of the first people in London to ever have a virtual office, so management shouldn't be an issue either.

We'll aim to get the houses we perform an end of tenancy into perfect homes

And like in the words of someone that I don't know the name of

Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.